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Company that thinks nature and environment We sincerely welcome customers who visit website "Y3"

We specialize in the production of course care products (grass protection mats, punches, bed knifes, reel blade, etc. about 1,000), which are essential for managing the lawn on the golf course.

Grass protection mat
The double structure design can effectively protect the lawn.

The course management equipment parts (punches, bed knife, etc.) produced by our company are economically useful products because they are excellent in abrasion resistance and good finish. Currently, it is widely used as a course management tool in golf course.
In addition, the grass protection mat (Y-shaped double structure on the lower side) of the Watershed is a product that is recognized as a superior product by the Public Procurement Service. It is used to protect the natural lawn by installing it on the top of natural grass where people come and go frequently.

Y3 is a patented invention designed as the world's
first product with unique dual structure.

The biggest feature is the Y-shaped double structure, which is an excellent product that gives the best growth environment that the lawn can grow well because the force applied from the top due to double elasticity is dispersed as a whole.

It is widely installed in public institutions, golf courses, ecological parks, park walkways, etc. We will strive to create a beautiful natural environment by lawn mats that protect nature lawn by installing on natural grass.
Thank you.

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