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Grass protection mats, Aeration punches, bed knife, verticals, etc.
Specialist in production of golf course management goods and equipment

Currently, domestic golf courses are flourishing day by day, but grass protection mat and aeration punch, which are essential for course management of golf courses, depend on imports. y3's products are capable of minimizing pesticide and growth chemicals with excellent durability and excellent turf regeneration effects and produce products that are universally compatible with existing products.

Due to the differentiation from the competition, the grass protection mat has been designed as a bilayer structure with international patent. It protects the growth point of the lawn with intensive pressure and enables the smooth growth of the natural grass. Aeration punches are researching and developing technologies that can minimize harmful growth chemicals such as insecticides with durability that can work over 18 holes.

We are producing and supplying cheaper and better quality products than existing imports through cost efficiency by improving facility efficiency, reducing raw material purchasing cost, and improving labor productivity.

Since its establishment in August 2004, Y3 has been placing top priority on trust with its customers and striving to improve product quality rather than the company's external appearance. In the 21st century, called the era of creation, the age of imagination, only companies that create new markets by first discovering the value of moving their hearts can capture continuous growth and new opportunities. We will lead the market with excellent products by creating the right golf course management products that our customers need, creating value for our customers through creative talents, challenges, innovation culture and technology leadership. It is Y3's will and commitment with customers.

We will increase the value of our products through quality improvement, shorten delivery time and enhance competitiveness in distribution.

By enhancing brand image, improving product profitability and improving product quality, we will increase the value of products, improve delivery time, improve profitability by market, strengthen distribution competitiveness, and strengthen response to market demands.

We will provide high quality and high service by improving facility efficiency and labor productivity.

We will improve our earnings by enhancing our cost competitiveness, improving utilization rate and improving our productivity through process technology innovation, improving our facilities efficiency, reducing raw material purchasing cost, and improving labor productivity. We will provide customers with high quality and high service, And value.

Y3 is a company that has a passion for achieving its goals in response to change with a positive challenge, contributes to corporate value through technology development and innovation creation, and grows as a company that can satisfy its customers and create a better value for its customers. It is a will and a goal.

Now, Y3 is leading the new era by providing excellent quality and service for customers by localizing the golf courses course management equipments.

We will continue to create comfortable work environments in all areas of the golf course through localized technology based on domestic technology, reliable services and technologies, and continuous research in a global competitive environment.

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