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The best products and technologies are based on research and development that determines future competitiveness. For the development of reliable services and products for customers, Y3 has established R & D Center for remarkable achievements in the global environment with its technology-oriented management and continuous R & D investment.

Natural grass is widely used in many public places, riverside sites, ecological parks and golf courses, but there are not many ways to protect it at this time. By installing Y-mat (double structure) for lawn protection, which is an excellent product in these places, it can effectively disperse and absorb even if intensive pressure is generated, and it is possible to create optimal growth environment where grass grows well. Y3 will realize natural grass protection through reliable service, technology-oriented management and continuous research and development..

We have acquired intellectual property rights for supplies and equipment for double-protective lawn mats and golf course management operations. We have various research equipments to secure core technology, secure new technology base and secure future competitiveness. We are committed to customer-oriented R & D through automation of production processes and process optimization and innovation.
New technology. In recognition of the fact that only advanced development of new products can achieve sustainable growth even in a rapidly changing business environment, we are focusing on development for technology leadership from the beginning of business. Y3's new product development strategy, which leads the market through the development of new products by expanding sales of existing products, is developing most of its products with its own technology. Uncertainties in the business environment and market competition have intensified, and the importance of research and development investment activities to prepare for the future is growing. Y3 is continuing to expand its R & D investment to lead technical standards and to secure intellectual property rights for original technologies.
As worldwide information exchange is rapidly expanding and the distinction between domestic and overseas markets becomes more difficult, competition among companies is becoming more intense than ever. Since its inception, we have been developing products that can compete with the world. Based on this technological foundation, Y3 is developing competitiveness and cutting-edge technology to achieve world-class quality and reduce creative costs.
Y3 focuses on the necessity of strengthening potential capacity by establishing an efficient corporate structure, active marketing strategy, and building an advanced organizational culture that will strengthen competitiveness and securing intellectual property rights to lead technical standards through continuous research and development. We will grow into a company that produces the best products with competitive edge.

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